A Season to GROW LOVE
MLK Jr. Collegium of Scholars

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Cultivating a Global Aesthetic Consciousness
by Dr. Monte O. Harris

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Will to Adorn
Smithsonian Folklife Festival

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Putting One's Identity to Work
University of Michigan Health System

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Personal Philosophy


To be sure of one's self, to be counted for one's self, is to experience aliveness in its most exciting dimension            
- Howard Thurman, theologian/mystic

Despite the long history of a thriving hair and skin care industry, current beauty service models have not created integrative pathways to deliver compassionate care across the cosmetology, medical, and surgical communities.  Here, we bridge this gap with a very personalized approach to bolster self-awareness, bringing together all levels of care and expertise for hair restoration and skin rejuvenation under one umbrella.

Everyone needs a bit of guidance and encouragement to navigate the ever expanding world of beauty. For all patients, particularly those with cultural nuances that have traditionally fallen outside of mainstream concepts of beauty, the desire for change comes with significant trepidation. Choosing the right surgeon and aesthetic team is paramount.

I value quality over quantity, elegance and simplicity, innovation and intellect, and most importantly integrity and authenticity.


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