Latin American Rhinoplasty


Before Rhinoplasty Procedure
After Rhinoplasty Procedure
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The Latino presence in the Americas is demographically vast, culturally rich and growing fast. Latin Americans living in North, Central, and South America are commonly referred to as Hispanic or Mestizo. Latin Americans are now the largest minority group in the United States and will account for 46% of U.S. population growth in the next decade. The modern day Latino population is one of mixed heritage with histories woven intimately with the African and European diasporas. As it relates to Rhinoplasty, Latin American nasal features vary depending on the geographic zone from which the patient originates. In countries such as Brazil and the Caribbean islands, the Latino noses commonly have features reflective of an African influence as a result of ancestral ties to the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

South American Latino noses often show greater similarity with European ancestry resulting from Spaniard colonization. People from Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and many of the Central American countries exhibit stronger native American nasal features.

Latin American rhinoplasty is a specialized type of rhinoplasty. Challenges lie in the fact that there are no standard surgical techniques that can be applied in all cases. The Mestizo population is literally a mixture of races. As a result, Dr. Harris tailors his Latin American rhinoplasty approach to each individual's unique nasal characteristics with a sensitivity for underlying cultural heritage.

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