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Top Doctors

Physician Profiles: Monte O. Harris M.D., Center for Aesthetic Modernism

University Of Michigan

Dr. Monte O. Harris is Featured In The University Of Michigan Alumni Spotlight

Washington Post Magazine

Dr. Monte O. Harris is named a Super Doctor for Cosmetic/Reconstructive Surgery for 2012

Ebony Magazine

Dr. Harris discusses plastic surgery in the African American community

Bethesda Magazine

Dr. Harris discusses men and Botox.

theGrio News Online

Tips to keep your black hair healthy.

Washington Post Magazine

Dr. Harris is named a Top Doctor for Cosmetic/ Reconstructive Surgery.

Bethesda Magazine

Dr. Harris talks about the benefits of 3-D imaging prior to surgery.

Atlanta Post Online

Traumatic grooming practices linked to hair loss.

The Root Magazine

Traction Alopecia and how to prevent it.

Washington Life

Meet Dr. Harris and the Center for Aesthetic Modernism.

New Beauty Magazine

Patient Robin and Dr. Harris document the administering of Radiesse for smile lines, step-by-step.

Top Doctors

Physician Profiles: Monte O. Harris M.D., Center for Aesthetic Modernism

Essence Magazine

Local beauty Guru: The Plastic Surgeon Monte O. Harris, M.D.

Powerplay Magazine

Dr. Harris and his vision for expanding a cultural appreciation for diversity of beauty.

Essence Magazine

How to win against hair loss.

Dermatology Times

Low-level laser therapy for female pattern baldness.

Los Angeles
Times Online

Pattern hair loss causes and how to reverse it.

DC Magazine

Dr. Harris, a pioneer in plastic surgery for a booming demographic.

Capitol File Magazine

Dr. Harris: leading expert for facial cosmetic surgery.

The Future of Your Face

See what you'll look like post-surgery with the Vectra 3D machine.

Essence Magazine

The Black Women's Guide to Hair Loss.

Black Enterprise

America's Leading Doctors: Monte O. Harris, MD.

Essence Magazine

Grow, baby, grow: Hair transplantation for curly/kinky hair textures

Essence Magazine

Dr. Harris and his unique perspective on beauty.

Ebony Magazine

African-American plastic surgery, its growth, and the doctors who specialize in it.

New Beauty Magazine

Inside Information: Dr. Monte O. Harris

Washington Post

Ethnic cosmetic surgery on the rise.

Aesthetic Guide

Facial plastic surgeon takes the lead in 3D imaging.

Essence Magazine

Dr. Harris give tips on securing beautiful brown skin at any age.


Plastic surgery and its increase in demand in the African American community.

Skin & Allergy

Dr. Monte O. Harris gives advice on facial aging across ethnic groups.

Bethesda Magazine

Look as good as you feel with Dr. Monte O. Harris

Canfield Newsletter

The intersection of aesthetic medicine and clinical imaging among a wide range of ethnicities: Monte O. Harris, M.D.

Essence Magazine

Skin-care pro Dr. Harris reveals how to look ten years younger.

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