NMA Annual Convention & Scientific Assembly 2013

Dr. Harris was invited to give a talk exploring the tangled relationship between nose and hair aesthetics July 27 – August 1, 2013.  Few folks may know how interwoven feelings are around the shape and size of the nose and choice of hairstyles.  These hidden aesthetic insecurities are often misguided and unhealthy over the long haul of life. Through the presentation, Dr. Harris shed a new light on the not so obvious interconnections and offered a roadmap for realigning aesthetic consciousness in a more health-mindful way.

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Nose and Face World 


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Dr. Harris was an invited speaker at "Nose and Face World" held May 9-12, 2012 in Rome, Italy. The conference focused on techniques, tastes and trends in Facial Plastic Surgery. Aesthetic surgeons from around the world joined Dr. Harris in Rome, as he shared his unique perspectives on nasal beauty and hair adornment in the African Diaspora.

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International Milan Masterclass  

Dr. Harris was an invited speaker for the International Milan Masterclass held March 25- 29 2011 in Milan, Italy. He presented on the topics of "Cultivating Aesthetic Consciousness" and "3D Imaging in Rhinoplasty." The Milano Masterclass is recognized as one of the premier international courses for Rhinoplasty. The program featured some of the most talented and innovative Rhinoplasty surgeons from around the world. It was truly an honor and privilege for Dr. Harris to share his personal expertise and surgical philosophy with plastic surgeons who hailed from over 50 countries…including Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Venezuela, Portugal, Korea, and Switzerland to name a few! His family was also there to share in exploring the rich history and culture of Italy!

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Advances in Rhinoplasty 2011 

Dr. Harris was an invited guest speaker at "Advances in Rhinoplasty 2011" held May 4-7, 2011 in Chicago, IL. He presented on the topics "3D Imaging in the Rhinoplasty Consultation" and "Aesthetics in Patients with African Descent." He was also a panelist on the topic "Controversies in Ethnic Rhinoplasty."

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Rejuvenation of Aging Face

Dr. Harris was an invited guest speaker at the Rejuvenation of the Aging Face conference held in San Diego, CA from January 19-23, 2011. He presented on the topic of "3D Imaging," a tool used during consultations to simulate surgical procedures.

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Ethnic Variables in Rhinoplasty 

Dr. Harris was an invited guest speaker at "Advances in Rhinoplasty" held June 11-15, 2009 in Seattle, WA. He presented on the topic "Ethnic Variables in Rhinoplasty," in which he discussed Rhinoplasty as a means to achieving greater harmony and balance in the face and not as a denial of ethnic heritage through the use of key anatomic variables in the nasal tip, dorsum, and alar base.

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