Why show results?

There are very few positive images in the media and on the web which show how subtle cosmetic changes can truly enhance authentic beauty--all while staying true to ethnic identity. The Aesthetic Modernism gallery showcases the wonderful possibilities at hand when Dr. Monte O. Harris and his patients work together to cocreate an aesthetic vision. Here, we illustrate the essence of "looking like oneself, but better" with cosmetic enhancement. Dr. Harris believes that technical expertise must be packaged with a moral compass and cultural competency to achieve natural individualized aesthetic outcomes.

Photo HT 1 a
Photo HT 1 b
Photo HT 1 b
Photo HT 1 d
Photo PRP 2 a
Photo PRP 2 b
Photo PRP 2 b
Photo PRP 2 d
Photo LHR1-1a
Photo LHR1-1b
Photo LHR1-2a
Photo LHR1-2b
Photo R1-1a
Photo R1-1b
Photo R1-15a
Photo R1-15b
Photo BT1-1a
Photo BT1-1b
Photo BT1- 2 a
Photo BT1- 2 b
Photo CA1-1a
Photo CA1-1b
Photo CA1-3a
Photo CA1-3b
Photo CP1-1a
Photo CP1-1b
Photo CP1-12a
Photo CP1-12b
Photo ER1-1a
Photo ER1-1b
Photo ES1-12a
Photo ES1-12b
Photo ES1-9a
Photo ES1-9b
Photo FL1-1a
Photo FL1-1b
Photo FT1-1a
Photo FT1-1b
Photo FT1-2a
Photo FT1-2b
Photo JV1-1a
Photo JV1-1b
Photo KSE1-1a
Photo KSE1-1b
Photo KSE1-2a
Photo KSE1-2b
Photo LR1-1a
Photo LR1-1b
Photo LR1-2a
Photo LR1-2b
Photo MR1-1c
Photo MR1-1d
Photo NLip1-1a
Photo NLip1-1c
Photo NLip1-1b
Photo NLip1-1d
Photo R1-1a
Photo R1-1b
Photo R1-2a
Photo R1-2b
Photo RE1-1a
Photo RE1-1b
Photo RE1-2a
Photo RE1-2b
Photo SR1-1a
Photo SR1-1b
Photo SR1-2a
Photo SR1-2b