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Face, Hair and Culture

Throughout the centuries, culture – manifested by aesthetic and intellectual pursuits such as art, music, dance and literature – has made the world a better and more beautiful place. Our concept of beauty continues to evolve, yet key influences remain the same: balance, harmony, and simplicity. These guiding principles stand the test of time.

Face and hair are two of the most personal external expressions of our internal beauty consciousness. Face and hair are intricately intertwined with culture and each make a unique statement about an individual. Together they manifest as a unified whole, displaying each person’s authentic beauty.

Take for instance the popularity of rhinoplasty in the Persian culture, where the nose takes on an ever greater prominence in defining beauty as a result of the camouflage headdress commonly worn in Arabic communities. Or acknowledge the empowering role of Afrocentric hairstyles as a cultural link to the strength of African ancestry. Yet, one may ask “what does culture have to do with how you treat my face or hair?” The fact is that it has everything to do with achieving exceptional aesthetic results. It is understanding the clinical impact of cultural hairstyles such as braids and weaves in the development of hair loss. It is appreciating the spiritual connotations associated with long hair in East Indian religious (Sikh) cultures. It is being sensitive to the thickness of the skin, in relation to bruising, and the degree of sun damage in individuals of European descent. It is accepting cosmetic changes to the nose – not as a denial of ethnic heritage – but as a desire to achieve a more harmonious facial picture. It is embracing the cultural sensitivity behind the simple, but profound, cosmetic request of wanting to look like oneself – only better.

We all take pride in putting our best face forward. It’s all very personal. We see it in the eyes of our patients when the splint is removed after rhinoplasty; in a patient's immediate giddiness after seeing the return of youthful facial contours after undergoing a facial fat transfer; the satisfaction of witnessing the growth of thick healthy hair replace areas of thinning and baldness. At times, it’s simply a sincere conversation recognizing that nothing indeed needs to be done from a treatment perspective.

The Center for Aesthetic Modernism, guided by surgeon Dr. Monte O. Harris, strives to create an atmosphere that celebrates the culture of beauty. Our team stands ready to help you cultivate and achieve your personal aesthetic goals.


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