Scar Revision

Depending on the type of scar, there are many options for scar revision. Non-surgical options may include topical creams to help with hyperpigmentation or injections to help flatten raised scars. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Harris has the ability to surgically remove a scar, closing the incision appropriately to reduce the likelihood of a future scar. During the consultation process, Dr. Harris will discuss your best option.

There are many different techniques used in scar revision which aim to camouflage scars to make them less conspicuous. Some of the different surgical techniques available include surgical removal of the scar, z-plasty, skin flap surgery and graft surgery, while non-surgical treatments may include dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and steroid injection.

Scar Revision Surgery by Dr. Harris

Before and After Photo of Scar Revision Surgery

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Dr. Harris performs scar revision procedures in his fully accredited surgical facility at the Surgery Center of Chevy Chase. The center is located in Chevy Chase, Maryland with convenient access to all metro Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia areas. Some form of anesthesia will likely be used and procedural times will vary depending on the particular technique.

While recovery times will vary after scar revision, most patients are able to return work and other normal activities within one to two weeks, or sooner with non-surgical treatments.


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