Eyebrow/Forehead Lift

A heavy drooping brow can alter the way you look and feel. Eyebrow position is a key factor to facial rejuvenation. A normal female brow starts next to the nose and gently arcs over the bony eye socket to reach a high point between the outermost color portion of your eye and the bony edge. A male's eyebrow arc is less pronounced and rides along the bony rim. When the brow is low, an unnatural appearance is seen. The patient looks tired and angry. The extra weight causes a buildup of skin and a droopiness of the upper eyelid. Surgical improvement refreshes the eyebrow/eye region. This surgery is often combined with eyelid lifts to create a complete rejuvenation of the upper face. Together with a facelift, the entire face can be rejuvenated. Dynamic facial lines are often seen around the nose and on the forehead. Utilizing Botox® Cosmetic prior to the surgery will help erase these lines and prevent the underlying muscles from pulling the brow down after it is re-suspended during surgery.

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