Artisan Dressing of the Neck by
N’Diaye Designs

Makeup Artistry by Latavia Alise


Do Good Hair


A personal thought

"My hair, for over 14 years, has been hidden by something...braid, wigs and weaves. Overtime, I would notice that my hair would get a little thinner. I take vitamins now on a regular basis. I watch what I eat and I think the biggest area is I manage stress better. The goal I'm trying to get to really has very little to do with my hair. My goal is to really be engaged in my family and my relationship with my husband and not have anything distract me from really attaining a very high goal of providing the best, ensuring that my kids have the best...that I’m able to make a difference without sacrificing anything with my family."

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Do Good H.A.I.R. Therapy guides the individual through a culturally sensitive journey of self discovery.  Our comprehensive approach - an integration of DNA ancestry testing, digital hair analysis, and non-invasive healing therapies including meditation, aromatherapy, scalp massage and light therapy - ensures that you receive the highest level of care to align hair growth with personal growth.  For advanced hair loss, we provide culturally sensitive hair transplantation to restore hair in areas of thinning and balding.

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