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Do Good Hair Overview

Do Good Hair

HAIR is a central theme in the daily life of men and women of all ages and cultures. Whether it's searching for the perfect cut, straightening kinks and curls, transitioning to natural, managing frizz, covering unwanted grey or camouflaging hair loss . . . all seek happiness in a Good Hair day! Imagine if the beauty obsession with Good Hair came nicely packaged with the joy of Good Health and the confidence of Good Identity.

Do Good H.A.I.R. Therapy guides the individual through a culturally sensitive journey of self discovery.  Our comprehensive approach - an integration of DNA ancestry testing, digital hair analysis, and non-invasive healing therapies including meditation, aromatherapy, scalp massage and light therapy - ensures that you receive the highest level of care to align hair growth with personal growth.  For advanced hair loss, we provide culturally sensitive hair transplantation to restore hair in areas of thinning and balding.

The Creative Visionary
The Do GOOD H.A.I.R. Project is the healing vision of Dr. Monte O. Harris. A surgeon, scholar, and design aficionado, Dr. Harris' lifelong passion centers on exploring the richness of humanity with an aesthetic compass. He is an internationally recognized, double board certified facial plastic surgeon and is highly sought after for his culturally sensitive approach to facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, and hair restoration.


Hair loss has become an epidemic, particularly for women whose hair has been traumatized over the years with chemicals and damaging hairstyles. For many women, hair loss is a serious life-altering condition.  Early diagnosis, health education, and self-empowerment are keys to adopting a mindset of prevention. Dr. Harris has developed a unique approach to restore healthy hair incorporating stress reduction, nutritional counseling, and fitness-friendly hair care.  The wonderful news is that a healthy hairstyle can become a tool for adopting an overall preventative healthy lifestyle.


To adorn is to enhance beauty. Adornment is also a healing form of self expression.   Every culture has its own definition of beauty that fuels the creative spirit.  Do Good H.A.I.R. Therapy helps each individual reclaim a healthy relationship with their unique cultural identity through a loving appreciation for the beauty of their natural hair.


Do Good H.A.I.R. explores the intersection between beauty, health, and identity.  It is in daily rituals that beauty and health come together to support the inner building of identity.  Knowledge of Self is the most powerful creative resource we possess to craft a beautiful life.


Do GOOD H.A.I.R. Therapy redefines Good Hair as an active restorative process.  We shed new light on the relationship between how we look - our physical beauty; how we feel - our health; and how we live a purposeful life - our identity.

The Do GOOD H.A.I.R. Collaborative Community

Health and wellness is connected to community, and cannot be maintained alone or in a vacuum.  The Do GOOD H.A.I.R. Project introduces an innovative integrative health and wellness platform fostered through a participatory community alliance between cosmetologists, craftspersons, curators, and clinicians.  We look to cultivate a modern team of wellbeing ambassadors uniting art, fashion, design, and culture with integrative medicine.