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"When I transitioned to natural, I became the true professional of my hair! Cutting my hair gave me a since of freedom because I was starting fresh. I had a relaxer since I was 5 years old and never knew what my natural hair looked like. As I learned about healthy hairstyles, I began to look at other aspects of my life that could be healthier. Natural hair afforded me the luxury of exercising more. I began to read food labels and calorie content in the same way that I would read hair product labels so that I could make more health - mindful choices. Transitioning to natural has also motivated me to look at other natural resources that fuel the mind, which is why I started meditating. 15-20 minutes of quiet time twice a day can make a huge difference in your decision making, interaction with others and overall clarity. There are so many distractions in life that do not allow you to take time to settle down. I have become open to many new self discovery experiences with in the past 6 years......and to think it all started with HAIR."

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Do Good H.A.I.R. Therapy guides the individual through a culturally sensitive journey of self discovery.  Our comprehensive approach - an integration of DNA ancestry testing, digital hair analysis, and non-invasive healing therapies including meditation, aromatherapy, scalp massage and light therapy - ensures that you receive the highest level of care to align hair growth with personal growth.  For advanced hair loss, we provide culturally sensitive hair transplantation to restore hair in areas of thinning and balding.

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