Artisan Dressing of the Neck by
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Do Good Hair


A personal thought

"My lens that defined what beauty was immediately refocused the moment I 'big chopped' my hair. I felt liberated instantly. There is a confidence that comes with wearing your hair natural that I didn’t have when my hair was artificial...My natural hair is youthful and it is the hair that God designed for me to wear. With it, I am my authentic and highest self and THAT is more beautiful than I have words to describe!"

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Do Good H.A.I.R. Therapy guides the individual through a culturally sensitive journey of self discovery.  Our comprehensive approach - an integration of DNA ancestry testing, digital hair analysis, and non-invasive healing therapies including meditation, aromatherapy, scalp massage and light therapy - ensures that you receive the highest level of care to align hair growth with personal growth.  For advanced hair loss, we provide culturally sensitive hair transplantation to restore hair in areas of thinning and balding.

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