Current Art Exhibit

Thomas Smallwood: Travel through Cultures



Culture. This is considered one of the travel wonders of the world. Celestial female divinity dancers move to timeless music at Angkor Wat. Photographed at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

My name, Crocodile

Beauty. She, the stunning daughter of Oma, is next in command in her tribe. Traditional and nomadic Himba women cover their entire bodies with an ochre-tinted animal fat to protect the skin from severe sun and desert climate exposure. The result is an unforgettable red glow. Photographed in Kaokoland, Namibia

Dune baby

Youth. A baby plays among the dunes while his Himba mom takes care of the chores. As the family dog explores in the background, all seems just right in this tranquil Namibian setting. Photographed in Kaokoland, Namibia

Lone tree, First tree

Time. Before the amazing massive dunes of Sossusvlei stands a preserved lone tree, aglow in the fantastic morning sunlight of what could be another world. Photographed in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Sossusvlei - Dark and Smooth

Sun. Watch as the dunes transform from orange to flaming red in this ever-changing light show. Sossusvlei dunes rise dramatically like a roller coaster more than 300 meters above the adjoining plains. Photographed in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Water droplets

Nature. The lotus leaf, seen aging here, is a symbol of purity in many cultures. Reflect on its beauty as water sparkles on the multi-colored surface. Photographed in Cambodia

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