Style and Arts

We are in a transcendent moment in history, one where mainstream cultural notions – from art and music to politics and entertainment – are constantly being challenged. Technology continues to transform nearly every type of industry and every part of society. With global images instantly transported around the world, now is the time to embrace these cultural nuances. See examplesof how our society is changing and adapting to this new reality.

Significance: 3D Imaging

“Shedding New Light”
by Blake Gopnik

Significance: Appreciating Ethnicity

“A Fairy Tale Beginning”
by Neely Tucker

Significance: Genetic Testing - having an understanding of your roots and the links of your ethnicity and facial features

“Africans Have the World’s Highest Genetic Diversity, Study Finds”
by Joel Achenbach

Significance: The importance of the relationship between stylists and physicians

“Skin Deep: Tricks and Transplants for Women’s Hair Loss”
by Catherine Saint Louis

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