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Mission and Philosophy

To enhance your authentic beauty through a union of cultural consciousness, innovative technology and focused clinical expertise.

At the Center for Aesthetic Modernism, we seek to provide an environment where personal aesthetic enhancement and cultural exploration converge. While the search for beauty is universal, cultural nuances are distinct, deeply rooted, and valued. Our team strives to cultivate an aesthetic sensitivity to the ever-evolving standards of beauty, and the cultural heritage that often defines self-awareness.

We are dedicated to promoting the interdependence of “looking good, feeling good, and ultimately doing good.” While the “doing good” aspect is not usually associated with the aesthetic industry, we think it is essential. The ultimate goal should be to harness the feel good energy of aesthetic fulfilment and focus on what our contribution will be to the welfare of others. Dr. Harris seeks to be your partner in achieving your highest beauty ideal, one that understands that beauty itself is not acquired but expressed. And although achieving beauty is an ongoing process, there are specific points where positive change can be gained through enlightened beauty consciousness, creative use of medical technology and unparalleled clinical expertise.

Dr. Harris created the Center for Aesthetic Modernism as a holistic aesthetic practice dedicated exclusively to face and hair rejuvenation, where an experienced and select community of professionals across the medical and cosmetology disciplines unite with a common goal of delivering exceptional, culturally sensitive and dedicated care. The integrity with which your individualized treatment plan is designed is what the Center values above all. Dr. Harris takes time to personally customize a targeted approach for face and hair rejuvenation combining the best surgical and non-surgical techniques. Our team strives to improve the efficacy and safety of cosmetic therapy including skin and hair care for people of all skin tones.

The desire to enhance one’s face, nose, or hair is a serious affair. For all patients, particularly those with cultural nuances that have traditionally fallen outside of mainstream concepts of beauty, the desire for change comes with significant trepidation. Choosing the right surgeon and aesthetic team is paramount. We all know – either personally or through the media – instances where cosmetic surgery or facial rejuvenation has not met expectations. Many practices have skilled practitioners – aestheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons – but none mirrors Dr. Harris’ personal values for quality over quantity, elegance and simplicity, privacy and self-respect, innovation and intellect, and importantly, authenticity and cultural sensitivity. Dr. Harris has dedicated his professional career to pushing the envelope and challenging traditional norms in an effort to expand our cultural appreciation for the diversity of beauty.

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