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Hear video on Dr. Harris as he discusses Facial Fat Transfer.
Hear video on Dr. Harris as he explains 3D Imaging as a tool to show volume increase.

3-D Injectable Facial Contouring


Hear what a Radiesse injection patient had to say about her procedure.

As we age, much of the youthful fullness in the face is lost or redistributed. Cosmetic Physicians now realize facial sagging is not only due to gravity, but also due to volume changes. Rejuvenating procedures are now not only focusing on tightening, but also on restoring youthful facial contours. At the Center for Aesthetic Modernism, Dr. Monte O. Harris concentrates on volume loss and its unique role in the appearance of facial aging. Our approach is ideal for patients looking for an alternative to the traditional facelift and a more natural facial rejuvenation. Under eye hollowing, dark circles, deep smile line folds, flat cheeks, and a droopy jawline can all be significantly improved without downtime or scarring. Dr. Harris focuses on restoring youthful facial contours through injectable facial enhancement where special attention is directed to areas where early facial aging is most evident (eyes, cheek, and mouth). Dr. Harris is the first in the nation to offer 3D facial simulation to highlight the unique contours of your face and to show you what you can expect from a customized facial rejuvenation plan.

The images below illustrate 3-D before and after results of a patient who has undergone Radiesse injections, a facial contouring procedure offered at the Center for Aesthetic Modernism. Attention was directed to her cheeks and nasal labial folds to increase fullness and restore youthfulness in her face. The 3-D images below allow one to gain a more realistic appreciation for the natural appearing results after her procedure.