Video Transcripts Rhinoplasty

DR. HARRIS:  We are six months following your rhinoplasty.  You look phenomenal.  I wanted to get you on camera.  Tell us a little bit about your experience, how you found me, and where we are today.

PATIENT:  I always wanted to get my nose done.  I was a little bit self conscious about it being so wide.  I used to go on-line to different websites and research.  I am a user fanatic.  I typed in African American noses, African American rhinoplasty, reconstruction nose.  Everything. 

I wanted something that was local.  I was originally from New Jersey and I found a couple of doctors in New York that I thought were a little more into African American noses.

I found one that was local in Chevy Chase.  I looked into it.  Saw YouTube videos.  Saw patient before and after photographs.  I was really impressed.  It looked natural.  I could not tell that they had rhinoplasty surgery.  I was interested.  I came in for a consult and here I am with my nose.

DR. HARRIS:  Your new nose!  You look better.  A lot of times folks are concerned with actually having surgery.  How was that process for you?

PATIENT:  It was really good.  At first I was kind of nervous.  Is it going to hurt?  How long is it going to take?  Do I have to take off work?  It went really well.  I think I might have had it on a Thursday and went back to work on Monday.  No scars.  No bruising.  No swelling, minimal swelling actually.  It was good.  Everyone was really friendly.  The staff is friendly and inviting.  The doctor was wonderful.  Everyone!  It was really good.  I enjoyed the process actually.

DR. HARRIS:  So we are six months and one of the wonderful things that I always say about rhinoplasty is that it is something that continues to get better, even over the course usually of the first year. 

I love the way you are right now and there are more good things to come!

PATIENT:  I'm excited!