Video Transcripts Rhinoplasty

DR. HARRIS:  Here we are with Maureen. We are just six days, actually seven days from her surgery and we just took off her splint from rhinoplasty. I just wanted to talk to her a little bit and ask her about her experience because she has such a wonderful story as far as how she came to find me coming all the way from Norway.

Maureen let us just chat a little bit. Tell me a little bit about how you found me and how you ended up sort of coming here to the United States for your rhinoplasty.

PATIENT:  First of all I as looking for a doctor that would fix my nose. I had a bump on my nose and wanted the tip to be fixed but I did not want to look like Michael Jackson. 

I checked on the internet and there was a black media. They were talking about doctors who were good plastic surgeons. Then I found Dr. Harris, but this was three years ago. 

DR. HARRIS:  Three years ago!  Wow!

PATIENT:  That is when I decided to have plastic surgery and before that I called and I asked for the price. I thought that it would be too much so I started checking with other doctors and calling other doctors in other places.

DR. HARRIS:  This was throughout the world?

PATIENT:  Yes. When I called other doctors they asked me do your sunglasses fall when you have them on, do you want me to put your nose higher? That was not what I wanted. 

I called again and talked to Dr. Harris one year ago and when he explained to me what he wanted to do to my nose I felt that he was the right doctor for me and by that time I had started saving.

DR. HARRIS:  This is good! So it has been a whole process for you.

PATIENT:  Yes it was. I am really pleased with the results now because it is just seven days and it looks great. My bump is gone and the tape looks great. It looks like me in another nose.

DR. HARRIS:  Great!  You are of Kenyan descent and you live where?

PATIENT:  Norway.

DR. HARRIS:  I thought that was pretty amazing to come all the way from Norway for your rhinoplasty. How was your trip and the experience of being here in D.C.?

PATIENT:  It was okay. I took the Metro with my plaster on and nobody knows me here so people were asking me if I had rhinoplasty and some people have been asking me for the doctor.

DR. HARRIS:  Great!  Great!

PATIENT:  I think people in the United States are really kind and really nice people. I had a great time. It was warm though but it was okay.

DR. HARRIS:  Compared to Norway you say it was warm!

This has been a joy but I wanted to just capture a little bit of you on video because we were so excited and it is just six days out and you look beautiful as always.

PATIENT:  Thank you.