Video Transcripts Rhinoplasty

HOST:  This is Charlane. We are about a month post rhinoplasty surgery. I would love for other patients to be able to hear what your experience was, how you found Dr. Harris, what made you consider rhinoplasty and then where you are at now.

PATIENT: I saw a special on TV-ONE about African Americans and plastic surgery and he was one of the commentators on the show. There was limited background about Dr. Harris and that is how I found out about him. He was in my area. He is an expert in the area. I decided to choose him. I had wanted to do a rhinoplasty for a very long time.

HOST:  What made you kind of ready now?

PATIENT:  I felt like this is the time. I was younger and I thought let me see if I am going to be happy with my nose. Here I am older, and I am happy, so why not now.

HOST:  So you knew you were ready. So you had the procedure done. We are about a month out now. What were your feelings of anticipation as far as like what it was going to be like? Were you nervous and where you are at now?

PATIENT:  I was very nervous. For me I think my biggest worry was the anesthesia but it went very well. It was very quick. Post-operatively it was not very painful at all. There was just a little stuffiness, but bearable.  It was very easy.

HOST:  How do you feel now? I know you went back to visit your family and were you excited to go show off your new nose?

PATIENT:  Some people did not even notice. Even when I told them they did not even mention it. I guess they did not notice the difference. My mom she was like you cannot really see the difference but it looks great. She loves it.

HOST:  That was exactly what you wanted right?


HOST:  How do you feel about it?

PATIENT:  I love it.  It was a very wonderful experience.

HOST:  Thank you so much for sharing with us and we look forward to continuing our relationship.