Video Transcript Rhinoplasty

DR. HARRIS:  Here we are.  We are one month following rhinoplasty.  The best case scenario is a happy patient, happy doctor!

PATIENT:  Exactly!

DR. HARRIS:   Tell us a little bit about how you found me, a little bit about the surgery process and the way you are now just one month after.

PATIENT:  I had been contemplating a rhinoplasty for a long time.  When I was in California there was this one doctor that I was interested in seeing but he was a little expensive. 

I moved back to the east coast and one day I was sitting at work and I said let me look into maybe some rhinoplasty surgeons in the area.  I Googled rhinoplasty surgeons in Maryland.  That is how I got Dr. Harris' information. 

I looked at the before and after pictures of his patients.  They really looked good.  The after really looked good.  There was this one girl in particular with a short hair cut and I saw her before and after (and oh my gosh) and then I saw a video of her.  I took the phone and scheduled my appointment that day for a consultation.  You were like out of town or something that week so I scheduled it for the following week.

I came in and knew right away that was what I wanted to do.  I had found the perfect doctor.  Things happen for a reason.  I did have another consultation in California but the doctor was very scary about what he was going to do and all that.  I felt very comfortable.

DR. HARRIS:  The comfort level.

PATIENT:  Exactly.  Because you are an expert at ethnic rhinoplasty, me being ethnic, I knew that you would do a great job.  Even after when I was at home and my nose all bandaged up my cousin wanted to go out shopping and I told her I couldn't go because I just had surgery.  She called me and asked did you have rhinoplasty surgery and asked me who did it.  I told her and she said expect excellent results.

DR. HARRIS:  That's great!

PATIENT:   She said she knows of Dr. Harris and that is what she said.  When the bandages came off, I loved it and have been loving it.  This is my one month follow up and I still love it and I hear it is just going to get better.

DR. HARRIS:  Wonderful!

PATIENT:  I was talking with my mother and she asked if I had my nose worked on and said it looks good.  Which means, I guess, that is her saying you made a great decision.

DR. HARRIS:  The ultimate compliment coming from mom.

PATIENT:  Exactly.  I have a twin sister and we both had wide noses.  She is always very supportive and always said just find somebody who is certified.

I am excited and I am so glad that I can check this off my list of things I have accomplished.

DR. HARRIS:  Wonderful!

PATIENT:    I love it.  Somebody asked me about a great surgeon, they were looking to get something else, and I referred Dr. Harris but if anybody is looking to have rhinoplasty I would definitely say go to Dr. Harris.