Tear Trough Injections

DR. HARRIS: We are maybe about two weeks following a little treatment to the lower eyelids for puffiness.  How are you doing today?


DR. HARRIS: Tell me a little bit about how you came to me, what your concern was, sort of what we did and how you are feeling today.

PATIENT: I came to you because I had puffiness under my eyes and like a sag under my eyes.  I feel great now.

DR. HARRIS: We did an injection, we call that a little tear trough injection.  It is an in-office procedure to help with puffiness.  Was it painful?  Was there any bruising?


DR. HARRIS: Very good!  It was exciting to see you today because two weeks afterward I was pretty amazed at how rested you look following the injection and how that little puffiness looks like it is almost all gone.