Low Level Laser Hair Restoration

DR. HARRIS:  Here we are.  Hi, Pamela!  We are probably about six months into a course of low level laser treatments for hair stimulation and she is also undergoing a topical program at home where she has a pomade that we create here in the office to help to stimulate hair growth.

I thought that this would be a good time for us to sort of get a sense of where things are.  I have been very excited seeing you as you come into the office because of the glow of your face and also that your hair is growing.  I know at one point we also had your stylist who came in for a visit too.

Can you Pamela just give me a little sense of sort of how you got here to the office and sort of a little bit about what the process has been thus far for you.

PATIENT:  Sure.  My sister came to you for some of her other issues that she is dealing with and so she had noticed that I was losing my hair and we were trying to cover up the bald spot.  One day after she had seen you for a treatment, you were doing a hair transplant and she talked to me about possibly having a hair transplant.  I think I was able to get on your calendar within a couple of weeks where we sat down and talked about my situation.

During that conversation you said I was not probably the perfect candidate for a hair transplant and that you would like to try another process before we looked at hair transplant or whatever else.

DR. HARRIS:  Just to piggy-back on that.  I remember sort of when you came in and a lot of times some patients come and the goal is not always necessarily transplantation.  Our goal is to create sort of a healthy hair environment and I know that I saw with you that there were some things that we could do when you had thinning prior to anything as significant as transplantation.  Talk a little bit more about that.

PATIENT:  At the time that I came to you in June, I had a perm in my hair.  I had been wearing a perm since I was 18 and needless to say I am a little older than 18 right now.  I was starting to lose my hair in the front part on the sides.  In fact it almost looked like I had a little Mohawk with no hair on the sides.  It was very difficult while I was talking to you to get the vision of not having a perm after having one for so long and thinking about my lifestyle where I work out a lot so that means I perspire a lot and just thinking about what is going to happen to my hair since it has been so long since I had gone without a perm.

You convinced me to go with the process that you mentioned with the laser treatment and Pomade and then you also recommended that I take a vitamin, Biotin.  I said okay, I am going to put myself in your hands. 

I went and talked to my hairstylist about the whole process and she was very excited about it because she had been talking to me for quite a while about stopping processing my hair.  So it was nice to get some professional support on that while process.

I stopped getting perms and at the time my hair was I would say about mid-neck length.  One day I said, if I am really going to commit to this process, I am going to cut all my hair. 

I went in the following Saturday to see my hairstylist and I had started my treatments with you and I asked her to cut off all my hair.  She almost passed out.  She could not believe it.  She thought it was the greatest thing so what we did was we cut all the perm. 

I started with your treatments of the laser and balm and then the vitamins.  What she has been doing to support what you are doing is just basically conditioning the hair.  There are no chemicals on my hair whatsoever.  I don't have to roll my hair anymore and it has been growing out.  I have not changed my lifestyle at all.  I still workout.  When I perspire, I just perspire and I come home, brush the hair down and tie it up and it straightens out and I go about my business.

DR. HARRIS:  I think that there are a couple of key points that you highlight.  One is that there is this process of having natural hair and different natural styles with some flexibility that look good and also function in a way that allows you do your quality of life daily life things.  That is a big deal. 

I think that one of the challenges that a lot of women have coming into the office with issues related to hair loss is not having a nurturing relationship both with, I would say, a clinical professional and also their stylist professional.  We are really big on sort of promoting that relationship between all three of us to get the best case scenario. 

It has been really exciting to see you go through this evolution or this process related to growing healthy hair, being very consistent with all the treatments that we are recommending and then having beautiful natural hair.

PATIENT:  Yes and I am very happy with it.  I tell my stylist I can wear much bigger earrings.  And she is very happy.  Each week she looks and people at her salon are now mentioning how they are noticing my hair is filling in as well so it has been great!

DR. HARRIS:  Thank you for sharing Pamela.  It has been a wonderful journey thus far and I am excited about sort of the next steps to come as your hair continues to sort of thicken over the weeks and months to come.

PATIENT:  Well thank you Dr. Harris for giving me my life back.  Now I have hair and I am gorgeous again!

DR. HARRIS:  Wonderful!