Hair Transplant Experience

DR. HARRIS:  Here we are.  This is Ms. Mary.  She is now eight months following surgical hair restoration and hair transplantation and I was so excited to see her today because it has been a while since I last saw her.  I have not seen you probably since your surgery almost, maybe about two months I saw you after your surgery.

PATIENT:  I think it was two weeks. 

DR. HARRIS:  We are quite excited to see how much growth she has.  I wanted to just get her impressions a little bit about how the course has been and even a little bit about how the surgery was and then her impression of how things have gone.

PATIENT:  Actually it was good.  The surgery was okay.  Someone asked me about the surgery and they said they were afraid and I said you are not going to feel any pain, he is not going to let you hurt.  We worked out a number system for your pain.  You give him a number and you do not hurt anymore.  It went very well.  I was very pleased with the surgery.  I did not want to be in pain and I wasn't in pain.

DR. HARRIS:  We like to see that number 1 to 5; #1 you cannot feel it at all and #5 is I should have been put to sleep.  Typically what would you Mary, your surgery was about a what?

PATIENT:  I think about a #1 to #2.

DR. HARRIS:  That is exactly where we like it to be.  That's good.  Tell me a little bit more.  Surgery went well.  It is now eight months afterward and a little bit about you coming to the office and finding me and sort of how you found me and sort of what state your hair was at that point and then where you are now.

PATIENT:  I was bald.  I was desperate because my hair was coming out.  I was just balding on the sides and on the top.  I did not know what to do about it.  I had gone to a dermatologist and he had given me stuff that was not working.  I could not find anything that was working.  I finally went to get some hair vitamins and asked one of the physicians if she knew about these vitamins.  She asked me to call her sister who worked downstairs in the pharmacy and she said you need to see Dr. Harris.

I went on-line and I looked up Dr. Harris and I was just tremendously impressed by your credentials, what I had seen and I said okay, I'm going to see Dr. Harris and I came to see you.

More than your credentials, when I saw you it was your spirit.  I just knew that I was in the right place and that God has just brought me to the right person.  I started to relax and asked you all these questions and you kind of calmed me down.  You just took time with me.  I felt comfortable with you.  I just knew it was going to be okay and it has been from the surgery up until now.  It is absolutely wonderful.

DR. HARRIS:  I know it was exciting for me to see you Mary knowing that we could really help.  It is quite fulfilling to see after eight months how much hair you have now.

PATIENT:  Yes!  My hair!

DR. HARRIS:  Yes, your own hair and it is glistening and glowing.  Tell us a little bit about this process of the hair growing and then I wanted you to comment a little bit about your stylist.  I think that is also very important for folks to know about getting sort of optimal results from hair restoration.  This combination of both sort of the expertise of the doctor and also that very good relationship you have with your stylist who had seen your hair when it was sort of going away and now has been a part of that process with it coming back healthy.

PATIENT:  I have seen the stylist for many years and she did everything she could.  Everything she thought possible.  Everything she had heard about and my hair was still coming out.  I told her that I was coming to see you.  She said okay, let me know how everything is going.  I have heard some really bad things about hair transplants and I am not sure about it and I don't know.  I said I am sure about him.  I saw him.  She said okay, tell me. 

I went back and she looked at my hair and she has seen my hair from the time that you did the hair transplantation up until the time that it started to grow because I had braids.  I could not stand the brands anymore.  I went to her after I think about four months when my hair started to grow.  It was a mess because I still had the relaxer in my hair and the natural hair was coming in and I took the braids out and I said I could not stand it anymore.  Please help me.  Do something with my hair.  She said I got you.  I said that I am scared to death.  I don't want everything off.  She said, don't worry about, I got it for you. 

She took my hair and she trimmed it so that some of the perm was still there but I could bring it forth and it would cover my hair in the front and on the sides.

DR. HARRIS:  While your transplant was growing and that was critical.  That was a very good technique.  Interesting.

PATIENT:  I go back every month and she trims some more and trims more.  I don't think I have any perm in my hair anymore.

DR. HARRIS:  When you walked in today, I said "Wow!  Look at all that hair!"  That is all your natural hair.  As I said with you in particular I was very excited because you show a couple of different things.  One is you show this process of having a natural style that is your own hair that really looks healthy and compliments your overall face and demeanor.  I was pleased to see that too.  I think that is a fairly important story too, of that ability to have your own natural hair and have it healthy and look glorious.

PATIENT:  It is.  I get a lot of compliments from other women who are having the same kinds of problems and they saw me when I had no hair and kind of covered up all those bald spots.  They see me now and they stop and they look and they say, "Oh!  My God!  What did you do with your hair" and I tell them the story.

DR. HARRIS:  I just wanted to thank you.  Thank you for sharing.  I think this is going to be really helpful for folks that are interested in options.  We have phenomenal alternatives now with regards to growing your own healthy natural hair back.

PATIENT:  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

DR. HARRIS:  Thanks Mary!