Grow Baby Grow

October 2009

Dr. Monte O. Harris featured on Grow Baby Grow: Hair Transplantation for Curly/ Kinky Hair Textures by Pamela Edwards Christiani

On Monday, October 5, 2009, Dr. Harris was featured in the "Grow, Baby, Grow" segment of In this article, Dr. Harris expresses his aesthetic approach to restoring healthy hair in patients of African descent both surgically and non-surgically. Be sure to check out the website for more information on Hair Loss Solutions and Strategies available at the Center for Aesthetic Modernism.

Hey, ladies, I've heard your weave image concerns on my "Grow, Baby, Grow" posts, so don't worry, there isn't a weave in sight for this week's feature! We don't hear much about African-American women and hair transplantation, even though so many of us would like to know more about this option of reversing thin hairlines or bald patches. The truth is, although some of the current hair restoration technologies are phenomenal, they were not developed with a person of color in mind, or more specifically suited for curly/kinky hair textures. It takes an expert with a certain sensitivity and skill-set to figure out and tailor these procedures for us... read more

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