Facial Fat Transfer and Upper Blepharoplasty

DR. HARRIS:  We are about a month following an upper eyelid lift and a little facial rejuvenation with fat transfer.  I wanted to just talk to you about how things were, how did you find me and then talk a little about the experience.

PATIENT:  First of all I found you very professional, very comforting.  It was not at all an issue for me.  I had total confidence in your ability and had some surgery with you before so I knew it would turn out well and it has I think.

It was not a traumatic surgery at all.  I would say the hardest thing for recovery was feeling as if my stomach had been doing 5,000 sit-ups where the fat was transferred from.  That recovery was a little less comfortable than everything else.  The other thing that was difficult was sleeping on my back for a few weeks.  Other than that it was great.  I like the results.

DR. HARRIS:  We talked about sort of that idea of a natural result that did not necessarily involve incisions.  I think a lot of patients come to see me because they are looking for alternatives to sort of the more aggressive surgery so that the patient looks different.  We have looked at pictures of before and after.  Give me an idea.  It looks a little bit refreshed is what I would say.

PATIENT:   It does.  What I like is that everything is more clearly defined.  I think that is what I notice.  The cheek bones are more prominently noticeable.  I think we also did a little fat transfer around the lower jaw.  So it is just the face feels fuller but not bloated.  It just feels like it is taut.  The eyes are great.  We had these pockets of fat flanking the nose at the eyes and that is totally gone.  I am really pleased and am hoping they will stay gone.

DR. HARRIS:  It will stay gone.

PATIENT:  Well then I'm pleased!