Facial Analysis - Monte O. Harris, MD.

3D Facial Imaging

To complement either your consultation evaluation or pre-operative appointment, we employ Vectra Three-dimensional (3D) photography – available through Canfield Science technology – to visually appreciate the contours of your face. This cutting edge technology, the newest tool in the facial rejuvenation industry, allows Dr. Harris to educate you on the nuances and potential outcome of your procedures. Three-dimensional imaging helps to precisely determine ideal amounts of volume necessary to restore youthful contours. It is important to understand that this will be your image, not an animation, thus the ultimate roadmap for your rejuvenation strategy. Using special morphing software, Dr. Harris can also simulate how you may look following surgical and non-surgical treatments. Until now, cosmetic surgeons have used two-dimensional images to assess the shape of the face. While these images are great for assessing complexion changes, they fall short when planning strategies to improve facial contours.


The Center is the first in the nation to offer Face Sculptor, three-dimensional facial simulation also available from Canfield Sciences. This innovative technology allows Dr. Harris to show you what you can expect from both surgical and non-surgical procedures. This goes beyond simply communicating your goals and expectations by visually demonstrating them. The 21st century approach for facial rejuvenation focuses on techniques to improve complexion, restore volume loss, and combat gravity-induced sagging. Procedures currently available in Face Sculptor include Rhinoplasty, Chin Augmentation and Injectable Fillers. Often, Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation go hand-in-hand as Dr. Harris uses his artistic eye to create a balanced facial profile. Using Face Sculptor, Dr. Harris can visually present the implications of needing the double procedure, if applicable. Adding fat or synthetic fillers is also a great technique in achieving a more youthful appearance. Dr. Harris can show you the aesthetic advantage of performing this simple in-office procedure. This incredibly modern tool allows you to choose the rejuvenation plan that works for you; often one aligned with Dr. Harris’ “less is more” theory.

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