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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Fri, 12/03/2010 - 08:42

Dr. Harris featured on WUSA9 News Now

Dr. Harris was recently featured in a segment on WUSA9 News Now discussing the potential health risks of the Brazilian Blowout treatment. Click on the photo to the left to read article and hear his thoughts on the latest beauty craze.

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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Mon, 11/15/2010 - 12:02

Dr. Harris was recently inducted into the American College of Surgeons as a fellow and added the letters "FACS" to the initials after his name. The process to obtain fellowship was rigorous; however Dr. Harris' surgical training and education more than prepared him to meet the high standards demanded by the American College of Surgeons. He is proud to be a fellow among the other members of this well respected educational association.

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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Sat, 10/30/2010 - 14:59

I’ve been professionally struggling with this whole Brazilian blowout/ keratin straightening phenomena for many months.  Many stylists have been indiscriminately pushing keratin treatments as the universal solution to all hair care woes  – slow growth, breakage, and poor manageability.  My patients and even my wife at one point have wanted me to offer a stamp of approval and fortunately – I never reached a comfort level to do so.  I consistently have seen cases where the keratin treatments produced less than optimal aesthetic results... creating limp, lack luster hair and  inconsistent straightening along the hair shaft.  In most patients with thinning hair, the Brazilian Blowout/keratin treatment tends to reduce hair volume inadvertently increasing the visibility of underlying hair loss.

Much of my struggle had been in trying to determine whether there was any targeted benefit for my patients who were ready to transition from relaxers, but needed a healthy stepping stone.  Keratin treatments seemed to fit the bill... that is - if you took the manufacturers/distributers/trainers word to heart... a healthy hair smoothing treatment to improve hair strength and growth using the hair’s natural protein as a protective coating.  

Brazilian BlowoutIt always seemed "Too Good To Be True".   The issue is not whether the Brazilian Blowout treatments are effective – the issue is at what cost to your long term health.   Click on the photo to the left from Good Morning America where chemists discovered significant levels of formaldehyde, in presumed "formaldehyde free" keratin product.

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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Fri, 10/29/2010 - 13:37

I’m a huge tennis fan. All Labor Day Weekend, the buzz from my patients, friends, and relatives has surrounded Serena William’s appearance at the US Open (not on the tennis court - but in the stands sporting a red dress while watching her sister’s match). The Question has been: Have you seen Serena? She looks Great! Inevitably, the next question is... Did she have work done? Bottom Line is Serena looks beautiful... plastic surgery or not. She has tastefully crafted an aesthetic makeover which compliments her unique genetic gifts. Her aesthetic identity is now totally aligned with her sassy, celebrity personality. Serena shows us a tasteful example of the possibilities behind enhancing authentic beauty. For more on Serena’s aesthetic makeover... check out Robin Givhan’s Washington Post article (click here to read article).

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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Fri, 10/29/2010 - 11:21

Naomi Campbells balding hairline is just the tip of a hair loss iceberg. Im absolutely sure that traction alopecia (hair loss related to prolonged tension and pulling) is reaching epidemic proportions beneath the surface . . . and not only for individuals of African descent, but in all those who unrelentingly pursue unhealthy hair care practices. Just as the BP oil spill illustrates the toxic nature of chemical and corporate excess to our natural environment. Weaves, Extensions, Relaxers (and the companies that promote these products) are also wreaking havoc on our natural hair environment. We all should take note and proactively work to cultivate an enlightened consciousness towards our aesthetic identity.Good News is that traction alopecia is reversible and can be treated quite successfully with integrated comprehensive care. I have developed a unique, culturally sensitive approach to restore ones crowning glory incorporating digital hair analysis, a supportive stylist network, hairceutical prescriptions, laser light therapy, and targeted surgical transplantation. Pass the word on to Naomi, Victoria (Beckham), Beyonce, and all those who are on an inevitable pathway to ongoing hair loss.

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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Tue, 10/26/2010 - 16:27

Style trump Beauty? . . . .only if beauty is relegated to a monolithic interpretation. Beauty also encompasses far more than good looks. Authentic beauty is not simply a result of passive genetic inheritance, but an active manifestation of aesthetic identity incorporating spirituality, culture, and humanistic purpose. Sound crazy coming from a plastic surgeon? Indeed, many would argue that Mother Theresa was a beautiful woman. I also consider the Dreadlock Rasta Bob Marley, a beautiful man and not because of good genes but because of a higher purpose in life. The problem with beauty today lies both in a narrow Euro-Dominant definition and the misconception that beauty can be bought . . . .like a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Beauty, similar to style is best achieved as an expression of choices, not an acquisition. I challenge us all to cultivate a global aesthetic consciousness and continue to broaden our collective definition of beauty.
(click here to read article).

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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Sun, 10/24/2010 - 15:24

The cover photo of the Spring 2010 issue of YES! magazine caught my eye today at Borders. The issue poses the question - America: The Remix. . . Can our diversity be our strength? My answer: MOST DEFINITELY as we explore the power of redefining ourselves in more authentic ways.
(click here to read article).

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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Fri, 10/22/2010 - 10:51

Two Women/Two ChoicesTwo women/Two choices: What are they really saying about their aesthetic identity? Janet Jackson's short cropped hair debut at American Idol has far reaching positive implications to support a natural hair revolution. On the flip side, Venus (who I adore and admire) has made an aesthetic choice which I question in both its underlying messaging and the venue. Who wants to see a bare bottom illusion at an international sporting event. . . even if its' the Ooh La La French Open.

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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Tue, 08/31/2010 - 16:28

Check out the recently published September issue of Town & Country magazine, “Speaking Volume”, which highlights the role of dermal fillers in facial rejuvenation.

New approaches for rejuvenating the face without incisions have caught the attention of mainstream media!  This is a very exciting article reviewing the dramatic shift in how physicians soften signs of facial aging.  I’ve been a huge fan of dermal fillers and fat transfer for more than a decade. . . .and spent  considerable time cultivating my own unique 3D approach.  Volume enhancement is the ideal anti-aging solution, particularly for individuals of darker skin tones who have a risk of keloid scarring.  I’ve known for a while that the traditional “around the ear” facelift incision was not a good choice for women of African descent.  Injectable facial enhancement with dermal fillers or natural fat is definitely the way to go!  Fillers Vs Facelift – The NEEDLE WINS. . . .I must Agree.

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Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Wed, 08/11/2010 - 15:05

I had the wonderful privilege of having a patient of Kenyan descent travel all the way from Norway for rhinoplasty. She searched the globe for a surgeon with a sensitivity for ethnic beauty . . . and made the journey to see me! Click on the video link to hear her delightful story . . .

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