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Our Youth and Heritage
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What good would our message be if it didn’t reach our most valuable minds? On July 17th, Dr. Harris and the Center for Aesthetic Modernism visited the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center to share a special culturally enriching experience with the youth.  As the children shared their thoughts about their  identity, their minds were challenged to see themselves in new dimensions, celebrate their unigue beauty among a group of their peers, and channel their creativity into making African mask collages.

The relationship between Dr. Harris and the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center has been blossoming for some years now.  Dr. Harris is quite passionate about tennis and continues to be blessed by the impact it has had on his life since childhood. He currently sits on the board of the Recreational Wish List Committee (RWLC), which has played an instrumental role in creating an environment to package tennis with educational achievement in Southeast DC.

To find out how you may be able to support over 2,000 children and teens to strive for academic excellence, inspire cultural connectivity and self-worth, log on to the RWLC website to become a volunteer or contribute a donation!

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