» Fillers vs. Face-lifts: The Needle Wins
Fillers vs. Face-lifts: The Needle Wins
Submitted by Dr. Monte O. Harris on Tue, 08/31/2010 - 16:28

Check out the recently published September issue of Town & Country magazine, “Speaking Volume”, which highlights the role of dermal fillers in facial rejuvenation.

New approaches for rejuvenating the face without incisions have caught the attention of mainstream media!  This is a very exciting article reviewing the dramatic shift in how physicians soften signs of facial aging.  I’ve been a huge fan of dermal fillers and fat transfer for more than a decade. . . .and spent  considerable time cultivating my own unique 3D approach.  Volume enhancement is the ideal anti-aging solution, particularly for individuals of darker skin tones who have a risk of keloid scarring.  I’ve known for a while that the traditional “around the ear” facelift incision was not a good choice for women of African descent.  Injectable facial enhancement with dermal fillers or natural fat is definitely the way to go!  Fillers Vs Facelift – The NEEDLE WINS. . . .I must Agree.

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