Headline News guest speaker, Dr. Monte O. Harris

Dr. Monte Harris weighs in on the debate posed on CNN's Showbiz Tonight of whether "African Americans should get plastic surgery." He believes that our society has embraced a more global beauty ideal over the past decade, one that allows for all skin colors to embrace change. While Michael Jackson served as the poster child for cosmetic surgery gone too far, other prominent stars, such as Queen Latifah, have made more appropriate and acceptable surgical choices.

Video Transcript
HOST: Tonight a heated debate within the African American community: "Should blacks get plastic surgery?" It was once a big no-no but then came along a pop star named Michael Jackson who literally transformed himself before our very eyes. Later celebs like Queen Latifah and Lil Kim had some work done. The controversial topic is part of the new documentary called "Blacks Don't Crack." Joining me live from Washington, DC is Dr. Monte Harris, one of the cosmetic surgeons featured and this special Monte welcome.

DR. HARRIS: Welcome. Thank you.

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